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nVidia is most likely in damage control mode for the past 9 months, trying to recover from their disastrous FX flop. As a result of those bad engineering decisions I would submit that perhaps all energies are being refocused to reclaim some lost business with a major – unpublished redesign effort. And in doing so, the company may have undergone some restructuring that currently affects the entire organization. Perhaps some financial problems are on the horizon.

So you see, our slow X startup problem pales in comparison…

On a more positive note though, the rise of the Canadian dollar (or the demise of the US dollar if you wish) means the ATI video cards will probably cost more. Some rumors say the US dollar can slide even further in the 1.10-1.15 range which would give nVidia a real boost.

Within a year, the landscape may have changed completely so that nVidia, by regaining maket shares, could bevote resources to customer support - and fix our damn problem.
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