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Default eVGA 680i 1d post code, Lian Li fan controller

I was adding a Lian Li fan controller (mostly for looks).
When I booted the video card had momentary artifacting.
Also strange fan noise. I could not reboot. Error code P1.Found after much searching 1d is memory code, so it stopped at memory check. P.S. it is 1d, not 1D. Looks like P1 on BTX case.
The old "680i won't load memory over 1.8v" problem-
I loaded one memory stick in black slot. Still wouldn't work. I kept trying, cleared CMOS - very frustrated.
Was going to RMA.
Finally it worked. Used black slot furthest from CPU.
So a word to the wise - don't give up on trying.
I came to find out that for some reason my nview changed the default monitor settings (artifacting time)!
I am not sure what caused this.
I had the fan controller on a PCIe unused plug. I changed it to another power plug -just in case. (and this is a great power supply)
P.S. The fan controller uses a pulse modulation - doesn't work well with fans (they make noise). Ended up connecting to 1 case fan. Oh well, controller looks nice.

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