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Default Re: 16 pipe 6800 ok for current-gen @ 1366x768?

Originally Posted by ragejg
I sold my 939 rig 1.5yrs ago, and have been suffering with a socketA/FX5700 rig since then...

I used to have a Gainward 12 pipe nv40 with so-so OC-ability. Good card, but it lacked punch at times...

Well, I'm building a budget rig real soon to get myself back into the fun of pc gaming.

I'll be using a 26" HD set with a 1366x768 rez, and I don't care to use much more than 2xaa and some decent af... So I don't have very high requirements...

Whaddya think, can a 16 pipe nv40 still handle current-gen games @ this resolution and IQ?

If I wanna play GOW PC on my rig (in DX9c compatibility mode, lol) should I take a further step up?

I'll only use this rig for a year... after which I'll be going high-end.
Yah, it should work fine for most games dude

Haven't seen you around in a while rage, how you been?
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