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Default Re: What fan are you using....

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan
I am curious what non-stock fan (or even stock if thats the case) fans everyone is using to overclock thier Intel Core 2 Duo's. As I have said in several threads I plan to start building my system this week and I plan on overclocking the E6600 I am getting and then in a month my Q6600 when the prices drop. I am curious what fans you all have been using to get your nice OC's so I can pick one up. I currently am still using my Zalman 80mm all copper heaksink and love it. Will one of these work on the C2D or is something much better out now for these CPU's?
I think using AS5 makes a big difference. make sure you don't use much, b/c too much will reverse the desired effect. make sure no air pockets are going to come into existence.

I think that a Zalman 95/9700 would might be good, but I would search for a really good HSF that weighs less than 450g. I've heard that the guy at is rude on the phone, but they do have a large selection of the very best parts.
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