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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Ahah. I'm a dark elf again.. just a cleric this time. I like him pretty good because he's multi-dimensional and the combat gets less boring. With the sorcerer, it was always cast-cast-cast and it nearly put me to sleep sometimes. And like you said, all the spells were so alike. With the cleric, I can cast, heal, buff, or melee. He's good at all 4 of them.

Cleric is also popular for grouping because he heals and buffs. I've had a lot of random people just come up to me wanting to add me to their friends list because of that.

I wasn't sure how much I would like playing a char who can heal, but now that I've seen how important he really is to some of these group quests it's kind of cool. Without a healer in your group, you really don't stand a chance in most of the mid-level group questing.

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