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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Ahah. I'm a dark elf again.. just a cleric this time. I like him pretty good because he's multi-dimensional and the combat gets less boring. With the sorcerer, it was always cast-cast-cast and it nearly put me to sleep sometimes. And like you said, all the spells were so alike. With the cleric, I can cast, heal, buff, or melee. He's good at all 4 of them.

Cleric is also popular for grouping because he heals and buffs. I've had a lot of random people just come up to me wanting to add me to their friends list because of that.

I wasn't sure how much I would like playing a char who can heal, but now that I've seen how important he really is to some of these group quests it's kind of cool. Without a healer in your group, you really don't stand a chance in most of the mid-level group questing.
agreed. and i made one. i shall make every character you make, ever, and im going to make my pc just like yours... im a qailithari though, however u spell it. it pisses me off though because random other-race npc's attack me. but cleric is.....SO MUCH FUN. and with heal i can fight a lot of things at once even without AoE's. and you are right, groups are so grateful for us. currently in ToD and CiS groups, everyone is like where the fck are the healers? they seem uncommon recently. wish i started yesterday though cuz then id be in caves of noztgah by now enjoying double xp weekend and leveling quick. im near the beacon of hafeez if u ever wanna play. got to lvl 10 today, almost 11. Andrewxp is the name
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