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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by nV`andrew
agreed. and i made one. i shall make every character you make, ever, and im going to make my pc just like yours...
Well, someone once told me that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I will take that as a major compliment.

im a qailithari though, however u spell it. it pisses me off though because random other-race npc's attack me.
Yeah, that pisses me off, too. From what I've heard, that has more to do with faction than anything else. I haven't quite mastered that part of the game yet, but your diplomacy skill might come into play there? If you type /showfactions you can see which factions you should stay away from that are hostile. And if you click on the actual character instead of just looking to see if they're red, sometimes they will show up red after you click on them when they weren't red before.

Just another one of those nice Vanguard bugs.

im near the beacon of hafeez if u ever wanna play. got to lvl 10 today, almost 11. Andrewxp is the name
I would, I'm actually on a different server now w/ my cleric. I'm playing on Thunderaxe. But maybe we can team up sometime w/ my Sorc who's still on Woefeather. Just send me a PM sometime if there's a quest you need help with and I'll respond asap.

Well I should go play it some and try to take advantage of this double Xp thing. I've barely played it this weekend so far.

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