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Default Re: About bug #284530

Originally Posted by netllama
I regret that out bugs are not publicly accessible. This bug remains assigned to development. However, the latest comment in the bug is:
Possible app workaround: instead of using the pixel path to do TexSubImage, use the pixel path to do DrawPixels.
I don't know if I am understanding the work-around for my problem. I change:

glTexSubImage2D( GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_NV, 0, x, y, w, h, GL_RGBA, GL_FLOAT, (GLvoid*)data );


glRasterPos2i( x, y );
glDrawPixels( w, h, GL_RGBA, GL_FLOAT, (GLvoid*)data );

But, for some reason, all I read back is "1". Even when I write zeros, I read back "1" (so it does't seem to be because of value clipping). Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.
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