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Default GF6800, TV-out, Xorg.conf, Help needed!

Hello, I'm a newbie linux user and I have been struggling with this for days, rebooting and crashing x more times than you can imagine.

I'm using PCLinuxOS 2007 and I would like to watch movies from my computer on my Panasonic plasma TV (I used video mirror option under Windows).
I have a GF6800LE and I connect to the TV with a S-Video cable.

Using seperate x screens from nvidia's config tool causes both screens to show some gibberish which makes me unable to use linux.

TwinView works, even without restarting, but I would like the movie to be played in fullscreen ONLY on the TV, not to expand onto the PC monitor. From what I read, to accomplish this I need to enable the "Clone" option, but I have no idea how to do this.

Please, kind people, give me a working xorg.conf that accomplishes what I described in the second paragraph, or help me write one.

Thanks in advance!

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