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Of course i installed the nvidia drive (i instatelled

And yes i read the readme.txt and in the paragraph on TV-OUT. it says to put in XF86Config, not in XF86Config-4

you said to put the option twinview but for example in windows i dont need to turn on the tweanview to view it in Tv
isnīt need to put the option to PAL ? (iīm from Portugal)

You also say to put these options
Option "SecondMonitorVertSync" "<fill in the range>"
Option "SecondMonitorHorizRefresh" "<fill in the range>"

but i only have one monitor and one tv connected to my computer

Please, can you explain me with more details, sometimes i have to read 2 ou 3 times to understand, english isnīt my first language...

José Melo
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