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Default Re: nVidia driver 1.0-96xx causes glitches, artifacts and crashes on Ubuntu Edgy/Feis

@compotatoj: All my screenshots are from Feisty Herd 5, so my problem definitely exists there. I don't use 1.0-9631 on Edgy, since my edgy machine is my production machine, and I am unwilling to install nonfunctional drivers there, even temporarily. However, last time I tried, it looked just the same as my Feisty screenshots.

And yes, it is like that all the time. Before taking the last screenshot, i opened the window and moved it around fast for some time. The result is what you see. The screen is not updated properly, parts of the window are still visible where they shouldn't be, and parts of the window are not drawn at all where they should be. I think the same is the cause for the scrolling issues. Both problems can be circumvented by moving/scrolling very slowly.

Not using 'Option "RenderAccel" "False"' makes it worse, since obscured areas are *never* properly redrawn, and instead filled with that noise you see on my first screenshots, and parts of cached pixmaps are mixed in as I described.

If it were not for the free/open-source "nv"-driver, a non-nVidia piece of software, I would be completely unable to use my machine with Ubuntu Feisty, and I find this unacceptable, since Ubuntu Edgy (and in a month, Ubuntu Feisty) with a GeForce2 card is supposedly a supported combination. If it is not, nVidia should clearly and unmistakably tell its customers.

I repeat: I would be happy if I could at least fall back to 1.0-8776. Regressions happen, there is no way around them, and it might take some time to fix this bug. However, if a particular operating system is supposed to be supported by nVidia, and if nVidia releases a new driver that does *not work at all* on this operating system, at least with some cards, and if at the same time the old, stable, working driver does *no longer compile on said operating system*, than nVidia has made a serious mistake. A mistake that I, as a customer, expect them to fix, and to fix fast.

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