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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Xion X2
And we didn't ask you for yours, either. It's a message board, sparky, and everyone has a right to voice their own.

This isn't communism.

UDawg, put your kindergarten-level-temper-tantrums and ADD aside for a moment and go back and read again. I brought up the crafting and harvesting aspects of Vanguard in response to your opinion that the game was nothing but a "grindfest." Those are obvious game-related arguments and have nothing to do with "value judgments," so don't go off acting like that's all I based my arguments on.

Did you fail out of your high school English class?

Nice, kid. Grow the hell up. You act like a six year old. And it's not just my patience that's wearing thin with you and your immature elitist attitude; see nrdstrm's last comment. Even your sidekick Tygerwoody has disagreed with you on this thread.

I'm not a fanboy, otherwise I would be defending Vanguard at every turn and never admitting anything was wrong with it. The fact that I've done so publically and in discussion with you personally shows that you don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. What I am is an individual that has little patience for guys like you that love to run your mouth on and on about something and then get defensive when someone shows up with an alternate opinion. You've now done it twice on two different Vanguard threads very recently. And in both cases you've done it misquoting me with an over-defensive reaction.

It's not your opinions that I have a problem with. As you said yourself, I've even agreed with you on a few of them. It's your attitude and the way that you present them to everyone else. You basically hop into a thread kicking and screaming and stomping your feet like an infant about why you don't like something instead of presenting your opinions in an intelligible and respectful manner. Six-year-old jargon, in other words. You need to realize that there are people who are going to disagree with you, and you should conduct yourself in a manner that lends a certain amount of respect for those people and their opinions.
Here is the thing, you keep crying about what I say. You keep crying about my attitude. You are not my dad so quit crying. I lashed out at you because you are pathetic. You can't handle the fact that someone does not like your game. Get used to it.

I don't care what you have brought up. The game is crap. I had fun for a while but I will go back to a good game that is finished, WoW.

Please, don't tell me how to act and post. If people such as your self could quit your crying over someone not liking what you like, I wouldn't flame your pathetic ass. And save the "kid" comment. Most likely I am much older than you. I flame stupidity and you displayed by constantly crying about my atittude. No body cares if your pathients is growing thin. Don't reply to my posts. If you hadn't been such a ignorant fool about MMOs to begin with you would know that only EQ hold outs will like this game. The rest of the gaming population don't like mindless grinding and quests that give little xp after 20. They also don't like dept xp or death penaltie. Oh and I had to CALL Sony to cancel my subscription because their cancel page was borked online.

So have fun with your game and I'll have fun with mine but don't pull this "I don't like your attitude crap". The "I'm more mature" garbage is also old. You became petty when you kept crying about my posts in every single thread. Don't like my posts, don't respond to them or better yet don't read them. Now go cry to a mod.
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