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Default Re: X server does start but with wrong refresh rate

I had exactly the same problem as resal but now it works! In a moment of silliness after trying a thousand things, i just told the kde panel (the kubuntu equivalent of kcontrol; which always told me obviousely wrong values) to switch to the lowest frequency possible (51 Hz) and - I had a real nice refresh freq, about 85 Hz.

To be exact, i did this when trying the 9629 driver, and afterwards updated to the 9631. And I am not really sure if everything works now (3d seems slow), but at least I can work this way!

Maybe netllama is right and it is not (really) a driver issue. From the crap that kcontrol displays and other things, I got the impression that it is the _communication_ between the driver and kde thats corrupted.
That everything works fine when I switch back to the oss module ('nv') could be a hint that is is partly a driver issue, even if its not an error as such...
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