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Default Request for the Linux Dev Driver folks: module auto-comp

The Nvidia driver just works, as we all know. And for the proprietary, that's pretty damn good. ATI can't come close in LinuxLand. But there is one final step for Nvidia to take. One thing that I have only seen HP do in the proprietary driver market.

HP's new Proliant Service Pack, 7.70 for linux, has a userland shim that checks at boot to see if it's kernel modules are loaded- aka if the kernel version has changed. It then recompiles/reinserts the modules into the currently running kernels /usr/lib/modules, etc. I had never seen this done before with proprietary drivers, but I thought it was very cool. Until you properly uninstall the PSP, it will keep checking at boot and recompiling itself for the running kernel.

The script they use to do this seems fairly simple, and it's freely available, so I was wondering if Nvidia might have a look at what can be done with their driver. I think their Linux driver is pretty much neck and neck with their windows one, if not beyond it in some cases, but this one last mile would make a huge difference.

Recompiling proprietary drivers between kernel versions is what makes proprietary drivers suck for the user. This would be a big boon for Nvidia and make it irritation and/or dumbass proof. Just a thought.

I know you will have to investigate this, and I'll post whatever information you need. You folks more than likely use HP servers, but who knows. Thank you.
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