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Default Re: About bug #284530

Originally Posted by AaronP
The original problem, as I understand it, is using glTexSubImage2D with a texture that's bound to an FBO. Please attach a test case for the DrawPixels case.
You're right, glTexSubImage2D with FBO was working perfectly with 8xxx drivers and it stopped working properly with 9xxx.

Now, I have replaced glTexSubImage2D with glRasterPos + glDrawPixels (for writing to the FB instead of writing to the texture, although they are both the same in the end), but it does not work at all. I suppose that I didn't understand what the developer means by "instead of using the pixel path to do TexSubImage, use the pixel path to do DrawPixels", because it does not work with 9xxx nor 8xxx. Probably I'm doing something wrong, but I cannot see what.

I'm attaching the same test code than before, but with glTexSubImage2D replaced.

Thank you.
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