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killer although i have been using GNU/Linux for a little longer than u, i was in the same shoes as you...i relied heavily on win2k pro, but i have always had an old piece of **** laying around with text based rh7.1 on it...which i screwed around with..but anyways, the point of this story is, is that in order to learn you must read read read, aliens explanation is pretty straight forward, but the use of VI is brought into his if you never used it before it will be tough to use...althought he did tell you exactly what to press i find it hard as hell to use, and i personally like using pico, and if i recall right that isn't in mandrake..but anyways d00d, just read....the readme file is very easy to follow...if you just pay attention to it and not rely on start relying on others when what you tried doesn't work....anyways i wish you luck getting it to work :P
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