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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Xion X2

I didn't "cry" about anything. If you'll open your eyes, on this very thread and in others in this forum I have pointed out some glaring flaws in Vanguard. I have never claimed it was perfect, nor have I ever chastised anyone for not liking it. I can completely understand why someone might NOT like it; as I've said before a hundred times already it is FILLED with bugs. So, once again your petty claims about me getting offended that you don't like the game are nothing but stupendous bulls&#^!

You're in denial. Not only do you refuse to see the comments I've made about Vanguard's flaws which are written here in black and white, you also act like a childish, immature little brat and are called out on it by more than myself on this very thread--including one of your apparent tag-team MMO buds--and yet you ignore that and go on acting like I'm the one with the problem. Whatever.

On a side note: Why is it that individuals with the word "Dawg" in their usernames turn out to be immature *(!@&! 99.9% of the time? Anyone know?
Pay no attention to UDawg... he likes WoW... so... I see why he is angry all of the time.
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