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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Xion X2

I didn't "cry" about anything. If you'll open your eyes, on this very thread and in others in this forum I have pointed out some glaring flaws in Vanguard. I have never claimed it was perfect, nor have I ever chastised anyone for not liking it. I can completely understand why someone might NOT like it; as I've said before a hundred times already it is FILLED with bugs. So, once again your petty claims about me getting offended that you don't like the game are nothing but stupendous bulls&#^!

You're in denial. Not only do you refuse to see the comments I've made about Vanguard's flaws which are written here in black and white, you also act like a childish, immature little brat and are called out on it by more than myself on this very thread--including one of your apparent tag-team MMO buds--and yet you ignore that and go on acting like I'm the one with the problem. Whatever.

On a side note: Why is it that individuals with the word "Dawg" in their usernames turn out to be immature, rude *(!@&! 99.9% of the time? Anyone know?
Because it is genetic.

You don't get it. I don't care if you agree or disagree with me wrt to the flaws in the game. I got annoyed when you started to say what I was going to do was stupid. You were more concerned with my attitude towards the game and what I was going to do and less interested in the points I made at that point. We already had the points of the game settle. Then you had to pop back in again. That is when I got pissed. Now you want to claim the high road and call me immature? LOL! I purposefully flamed you out of annoyance from your petty last few posts.

BTW who cares what Tyger thinks. None of my posts were about him. They were about your crying.

again, go cry to a mod.

I've said all I've wanted to say here.
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