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Unhappy Re: .9746 Gentoo blank screen when outputting DVI-HDMI to LCD TV


I've had the chance to try a 7600GS to see how it behaves, I've also upgraded to 9755. I've attached 5 bug reports


Booting the machine with the tv NOT on HDMI1, and starting X with the tv NOT on HDMI1. In this case when I turn to HDMI1 nothing is displayed (even though X has started 'correctly').


Booting the machine with the tv NOT on HDMI1, and starting X with the tv not on HDMI1, then cycle the resolution once with Ctrl-Alt-+, this behaves as above until the cylce then a picture is displayed.


Booting the machine with tv NOT on HDMI1, and turning onto HDMI1 then starting X - works fine.


Booting the machine with the tv on HDMI1, and turning the tv input from HDMI1 to a different one. When booting the bios stuff is displayed and the usual boot stuff is displayed. Starting X works but turning onto HDMI1 shows no picture.


Works fine and dandy.

Given the Ctrl-Alt-+ works, it would seem (to me) there is a bug in the driver. Any chance of this being investigated?

Cheers, Bryan.
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