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Unhappy Re: Configuration question (Twinview+TV)

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
You can disable the second screen using nvidia-settings and then move to clone, though that takes a few seconds when you want to switch. You have already typed the correct metamodes yourself. (you need two serverlayouts now and two screen sections; or two xorg.conf files)
That's exactley the point I why I ask you folks.

The reason is, that I like to have a configuration, where I can swith between the CRT-1 an TV "on the fly" (what means, with a hotkey like Ctrl-Alt-minus or plus on the numpad).
A configuration with 2 different xorg.conf flies I have already. But that is not a solution for me. Ok, changing the screen from CRT-1 to TV-0 via nvidia-settings would be great too. But the first xorg.conf file I posted above does not work. That's my problem...

Can please on of the Nvidia specialists help me here?

Thanks in advance.
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