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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Do you just not give a *#)! UDawg? Or are you just so oblivious that you can think you can get away with calling someone a "dip****" without them taking offense to it?

Oh, wait.. I know how this goes:

There. Now I've replied back and saved you the effort.
First off don't make up quotes from me. Secondly get some thicker skin.

To answer you question, no I don't care. I find it funny that you got offended that I said dipsh|t. LOL! News info, I was playing the game when I said dipsh|t. I was one also. Think about it. Again grow thicker skin.

Lets put all the cards on the table here. Because you were "offended" about me saying dipsh|t you decided to sling mud back to me because you percieved to be offended. Well, I replied nicely then you continued to push it. So I flamed the hell out of you. Now don't start calling me immature just because you didn't use as harsh language as I did. You were still doing the same thing. If you look I didn't address any flaming towards you. You then took after me to "set me straigh". That is when I went after you. Just be a man and let it go. We both pissed each other off and that's it.
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