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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Xion X2
"Grow thicker skin?"

This coming from the guy who acted like a nancy-boy when I called what he was doing "stupid?"

Oh, that's classic. Every post of yours gets more comedic.

I'm telling you, you have one of the absolute worst cases of projection that I have ever seen. My college psych professors would've had a field day with you.
How many times do I have to repeat this? I flamed you because of your arrogant attitude that I needed to be set straight. What you were calling stupid had nothing to do with the game its self. You decided to make it personal by saying my plans were stupid. I replied to you nicely after you FIRST called my plans stupid. I was never annoyed by that. What annoyed me was this.
Lighten up, Udawg. If you're going to bash this game at every turn like you've been doing for the past week or two, then learn to take some criticism of your own. You strike me as the type that just likes to stir up ^#%! for whatever reason. It's getting old real quick
You crticized a personal decission of mine to not play that game. That had nothing to do with the quote from you above. As you can read in any of my posts, I did not mind anyone questioning my thoughts on the game and as you said so your self I was right. How ever you were not questioning my thoughts on the game towards the end. This percieved notion that I cannot take criticizm is garbage.

and yes, grow thicker skin.

BTW, your phyc teach would be more interested in your inability to look at your self and the lack of listening skills than my "projecting" of behavior.

Anyway.. I'm done wasting my time here. I will say in closing that I find it so impressive how big you can talk behind a keyboard. I suggest you stick to hiding behind it while you insult others, because if you weren't a close friend of mine, and you called me a "dip****" to my face, then I would beat the ever-loving **** out of you without thinking twice.
Now I'm the immature one and you have to threaten me? LOL! That's funny. It's to bad you don't know how to read and to bad you do have thin skin. Pathetic that our schools and colleges are raising a generation of girlie men whos feeling get hurt so easily. What is your major, feminist studies?

This isn't about who is tough and it isn't about the game. It is about your feelings and how they were hurt.

I wonder what your phyc teacher would say about your aggresion?
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