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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by UDawg
You decided to make it personal by saying my plans were stupid.
After you had already made it personal by calling me and anyone else who plays Vanguard a "dip****."

Now you can try and spin that around and say "But mommy.. I was playing it too!!"--but I'm not buying that, and neither will anyone else. You never intended to include yourself in that category because you were bashing the hell out of the game at the time and saying what "crap" it was.

Face it. If you hadn't made that comment about us all being "dips****" then this discussion wouldn't have gone downhill like it has. And that's my entire point. Your lousy attitude can ruin a perfectly good discussion. Not only did you offend me but you also offended nrdstrm and a few others who are probably casual lurkers and won't chime in to say so.

That's what I was trying to hit home with you the entire time, but it appears your denial is just too much of a barrier to break through.


Anyway, I'm done with this. Later.

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