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Default Re: odd bug when inserting nvidia module

Originally Posted by netllama
Please clarify what "without any other modules" means.

Also, the Oops doesn't appear in the bug reports you've attached, and according to the bug reports, X is started & working fine with the nvidia driver. Can you setup a serial console to capture the Oops?
With "without any other modules" I meant I removed the alsa sound driver modules from my kernel, so the nvidia module is the only one loaded at that point.

That the error didn't appear in my logs was my fault, yes, I made that reports while xorg was running because I always rebooted the machine after the error. I didn't think of logging in and creating the report first.

I made a few reboots and waited till the error appeared again, then logged in (without seeing what I was typing because of the black screen after the bug) and made a new report that is now attached. The error is visible there now.

odd, really odd.
But whatever, I still think it's a hardware problem. Test your system with Knoppix (so far I know, there is a nvidia driver on the CD).
Or try Windows if it works ($!!%$&"!&%$ hell, I shout my mouth here) a bluescreen would prove my assumption.
Well, I'm using Win XP on that machine too. I don't like to admit it, but it is running perfectly stable. No single error since I installed it four weeks ago. No crash, no errors while booting, no blue screen, no errors when I play games for hours, nothing. It just works, at the moment better than Linux
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