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Default Re: Request for the Linux Dev Driver folks: module auto-comp

Such a feature would be in deed helpfull, but as already pointed out,
this should better be taken into account by the distributors - i for one
actually wouldn't like the nvidia-installer trying (and potentialy
failing) to mess around with my startup scripts :-)

A much better solution would actually be to further abstract the
driver in the following way: a generic GPLed kernel module

1. redirect interrupts into user space
2. maps PCI registers and PCI memory to user space
3. maps DMA capable memory to user space
4. provides in ioctl() that allows to ask for the physical addresses for
allocated DMA pages mapped in virtual memory.

This scheme would allow a hardware vendor to implement the
driver completly in user space - no need to bother around with
the kernel any more ...

BTW.: 1&2 has already been implemented:

3&4 shouldn't be all that hard *g*


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