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Default Re: Request for the Linux Dev Driver folks: module auto-comp

Thank you guys. Very good insight. It's good to know that we are half way into user space, but bad to know that it's not there yet. Thanks for the simple script Masemo, I appreciate it.

While distro's should be setting the boot scripts for their own userland, this is proprietary software. If you are going to taint the kernel, what is reinstalling when the kernel gets upgraded going to do worse than the present system?

I suppose it's precautionary because who knows how a new kernel will interact with this proprietary, and possibly hard freezing module.

But I'm just saying, it would be nice to be given an option by the driver itself. Just like it was nice when 3dfx had a 3d capable module. You didn't need it- but it made gaming suck less.

People can be idiots and patch their kernel. It's not exclusive to the intelligent since package management was invented. I 'm saying it would be one less "Oh Man Grandma Can't See The Screen" after an automagical kernel update.

I don't see the harm in going all the way- since you stuck it half way inside in the first place. Somebody here is kidding themselves, and it ain't me. Either you have a proprietary- it's gonna blow my **** to hell- drivers, or you don't. And you do.

So like MS says, you'll either update to Vista or buy it outright. But the end result is the same. You ain't got no choice, so you might as well make it suck less. That's my point. If this were a GPL discussion where we had a clue and could test it, that would be another matter. In any case, thank you for the tips. I'm glad you all have disparate opinions. Not boring at all.
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