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Default Re: Vista Refresh Rate / Iiyama HM903DT

Originally Posted by faker
Hello, I'm using Vista Ultimate x64 with an Iiyama HM903DT CRT monitor.
In games, esp. in WoW the HZ is changeable between 60-85HZ, Vista installed the monitor as PnP-Standard (Microsoft Driver).

I tried the Iiyama drivers, but they aren't compatible with x64 - so is there any way to edit the .inf file so that I can install it under x64?

In the Nvidia Control Panel - Displaysettings - the Iiyama is detected correct ( as Iiyama HM903D/DT), but I can only switch between 60-85HZ here too... , is there any solution to change the settings there or do I have to install the right Monitor-Driver (but as written above.. theres none compatible avaible).

I need some help, playing with 85HZ isn't really the best, all what I want is to change it up to 100HZ.
look for a tool called Refresh Lock 2.21 i'm using this for my refresh rates under Vista x86, and it works great for me.
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