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Default Re: Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific gone gold

First, thanks for the feedback.

I decided not to buy the Deluxe version after all. It costs $100 and probably would take weeks for me to get it. Then, I also figured that the only extra I wanted was the video and $50 for some video seemed crazy.

Then I was thinking about the downloaded version. Plus - you could play as soon as the game is released. Negative - it cost the same as the boxed version and you don't get any of the printed material (manual, ID book, etc.).

So I guess I'll take my chances and pre-order it at EB. Not to happy with Ubi for not having the deluxe available in the US and not including printable verions of the manual etc. with the download. But, I'll cut them some slack because they finally moved the game back to where it belongs - IN THE PACIFIC!!!''

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