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Default Re: Request for the Linux Dev Driver folks: module auto-comp

Originally Posted by energyman76b
That said. How many times does someone installs a new kernel and needs to reinstall the driver? And how hard is it to log in as root and let the installer run? Restarting X afterwards?
You must reinstall the driver every time you install a new kernel. For some leading edge distributions, that could be monthly.

It can be very hard to login as root and stop X and run the installer. You are thinking like the person that owns a desktop, not like the person that remotely admins 4000 machines.

The only solution at this point for a corporate environment is Intel graphics, since no such shenanigans are required. In some environments, such as modeling and heavy graphics, Nvidia would be a better choice for performance reasons. We'd just like the option of choosing a second vendor.
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