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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Nothing easy about heroic Arcatraz, I'll tell you that much. LOL. I was just trying to stir up trouble, chillax.

Seriously though I would love to try out Vanguard but I keep getting scared off by all the issues people are talking about. I'll happily try it out if a trial is offered but I'm not willing to buy the game to find it's not my style. Plus my guild is running Karazhan frequently and I don't have time for another MMO. I must admit I have to laugh at people who call WoW easy though - say that once you've finished all the Heroic mode instances or the BC raid content. Nothing easy about it at all.
Where have you been? Druids are officially the deadest dead class evar, they're so nerfed they can't even solo VC at level 70. Don't you read the forums?
LOL! I keep laughing every time I read this. LMAO! Ok, I am a rogue and every time I see a druid, I run the other way. They will chew me up, spit me out, teabag me and rub their bear butt up and down on my undead rogue arss. LOL! They are not to be messed with. Every time I hear a druid cry abou being nerfed from 450 to 400, I laugh hard then tell them to play a rogue.

Oh guess what the number one arena team is? That's right, a team made up of only mages. Polly morph and focus fire on one target. It takes no skill for them and no one can touch them. YOu want to talk about over powered? LOL! Here are the classes that are over powered in the exact order. Pallies, Druids and mages.

Any way Vanguard has potential to be a great game but it won't. It wont because the playing community likes the game the way it is. They like non-instanced dungeons, grinding and deat penalites. Their reason is that it makes it "realistic". LOL! I've never killed a goblin on my way to work. LOL
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