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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by UDawg
Vanguard has two modes, grinding and canceling your account. Which mode are you playing? I'm kidding. LOL!

LOL! What is wrong with the game being easier and more fun? I play games to have fun. There is a reason why nobody plays Vanguard. Once people found out that a MMO could be fun and not a insane grind fest like EQ they flocked to it. This is why WoW is such a hit.
Vanguard is fun to a point but it really is one dimensional. If you like the EQ style of MMOs then Vanguard is fantastic. I happen to not like that style.
There is nothing wrong with it...It's just not for me...Easy doesn't equate fun for me. I prefer something more challenging...Like I've said time and time again, all those millions playing WOW must like it alot, I just happen not too. BTW, WOW isn't as big of a hit because it's not a grind fest, it's a hit because it is a "Warcraft" game. If you would have slapped that name on EQ2, changed the graphics to cartoon, and dumbed it down a bit, it would have beena hit too...

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Nothing easy about heroic Arcatraz, I'll tell you that much. LOL. I was just trying to stir up trouble, chillax.
Haha...I'm chill, hence the smiley!!! I just felt like a little WOW bashing after all this Vanguard bashing...Heh...It DID make ME feel better...ROFL!!!

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