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Default Re: Request for the Linux Dev Driver folks: module auto-comp

Originally Posted by energyman76b
a) if the module is not found, X will fail. So you don't have to stop it. Just restart after module installation.
Less than optimum

b) if you are a corporate user, you won't update your kernel monthly - or at all. So that point of yours is moot.

c) 4000 desktops, see b.
Depends on the business and the rate of security exposures. Security patches for the kernel are available regularly. If your distribution doesn't provide them, or you don't feel you need to apply them, then perhaps your business isn't as security conscious as one that does.

d) if you really are a corporate user with many thousand desktops, doing monthly kernel updates and not able to stop X (lol), you should be able to hack a simple script, like the one posted.
Yes, I posted it. The problem is not just the kernel module, but userland changes as well. I have a script for that issue too. Both issues are certainly addressible by Nvidia. Those are all for my personal machines, not for corporate use. Stopping X remotely means terminating applications and possibly losing work in progress. That's not acceptable.

e) at least one of the leading edge distros (gentoo), can rebuild every external module on boot without user interaction.

This 'functionality' is a 'problem' that has to be solved by the distris - or the professional users who need it.
No distribution will create infrastructure to work-around the undocumented changes that Nvidia implements. What they will (and are) doing is supporting the Nouveau project, which seeks to make Nvidia's implementation moot.
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