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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Udawg
If you like the EQ style of MMOs then Vanguard is fantastic. I happen to not like that style.
This pretty much sums it up right here. EQ fans(for the most part) enjoy Vanguard. To be honest, the only reason an EQ fan might not enjoy Vanguard is due to it being easy. Vanguard is easy. Its very easy in comparison to EQ.

On the flipside WoW is more along the lines of the "Wii" of MMORPG's. Just like the Wii, WoW is geared towards the younger population of players. Also, just because its geared towards the younger crowd, does not mean thats all that play it. People who just want to relax and play a game. They want to have fun and thats about it. "Its just a game" is their perspective. Its not a wrong perspective, its just how they want to play. The entire time I talked with Udawg on Vanguard I could tell that he simply wanted to play to have fun and thats all. Again, nothing wrong with that, it just doesn't mesh with Vanguard very well.

Vanguard is a bit more in depth. Whether you like it or not, it is geared towards a higher age bracket of players(most people i play with are in their 30's). People play Vanguard and EQ to get an experience out of a game. We want hardships. We want struggles. While we all don't like dieing, we WANT to die. When we die, we want to be punished for it. Why? It allows you to show how a person really is. Real characteristics of people show up in a "serious" MMORPG like Vanguard or EQ. If you die in WoW(which is very hard to do) do you care? No not really. If you die in Vanguard and EQ, you are going to have to deal with a severe penalty and will probably get right pissed off. This causes conflict. Some people(like me) enjoy conflict.

I play Vanguard for the experience of it. Something to remember. In my 8 years of playing, I have played over a dozen MMORPGs. Out of those, only two games I remember having an "experience" in. While most of them are of EQ, I have a few from Vanguard. What do I mean by "experience"? Some type struggle. Something that I achieved or didn't achieve that put it in long term memory. I never had that sense of achievement/disappointment in WoW, DAOC, RYL, RYL2, Lineage 2, Asheron's Call, Asheron's Call 2, etc. I merely played the games as "games" and thats it. I remember certain events playing EQ as if it were a High School Sporting Event memory. If any of you ever played sports in school, you know the kind. Somehow you did something that caused your team to win or you did something that set the crowd on fire. Something special to you. They might be "stupid", but they stick with you forever.

Anyway, my point is that WoW is simply a game to have fun. There is no reason to make fun of a person because of that. Just like there is no reason to make fun of a person for playing Vanguard because they play it for the "experience".
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