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Default NVidia drivers crash system. Hard.

Ever since I started using the nVidia drivers, there have been a few select OpenGL apps that always crash my computer after running for one to ten minutes. Not just an X crash; the entire computer locks up, remote login is impossible, and the system log gives no clues as to why its happening. If I use the open source drivers, the crash does not happen.

The strange thing is only a couple select programs seem to crash the computer. A couple of the ones that do are:
  • eDuke32 (when in 32-bit mode)
  • Aquamarine (Beryl Windows decorator, the other two (Emerald and Heliodor) don't)
  • Defcon
  • PPRacer
  • Windows applications run under Wine which use OpenGL
My Kernel is 2.6.20 and my BIOS is the latest from my vendor.
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