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Default Re: Request for the Linux Dev Driver folks: module auto-comp

a) if you need to reinstall the driver, X is not running anyway, so stopping it is a non-issue

b) if you need to do a kernel update, what prevents you to install the driver on reboot?

c) how many times in the past years parts of the userland of the nvidia driver changed? I count none.

d) since every f*ing distri has its own way to boot and own way where to put its stuff only the distris can do an automatically reinstallation of external drivers.

e) some distris can do it already, so it is not hard. Pestering the ones who don't is the smart mans choice. Especially so called 'enterprise distributions' should listen to the wishes of their corporate users.

f) nouveau is not usable now and will not be usuable for a long time.

g) even with intel graphics you are not safe from problems on booting a new kernel.
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