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Default General USB problems - help!

I'm really having trouble with this - contrary to what I previously said, USB is not working well at all.

1. USB storage devices (external Seagate HDD, Disgo flash drive) are only detected if they are plugged in when Ubuntu starts - you can eject them, but can't get them back on after that.

2. My Epson scanner is recognised under the Device Manager but not by sane. Actually I think that sane is not recognising it because:

3. lsusb just hangs - comes up with no results and I have to close the terminal window to stop its process. Therefore I guess that sane is a red herring at this point. Basically USB ain't working.

Can anyone help me with this? I know it's not a graphic problem but the USB is part of the NVidia chipset according to the Device Manager. If I need to post a log file, can you tell me which one? I've got everything else on this chipset working fine (ethernet, audio, twinview, etc..). This is the last thing that's stopping me switching off my Windoze partition!
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