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Default Re: NVidia drivers crash system. Hard.

Originally Posted by netllama
In your bug report, I see a few hundred of this warning:
ACPI: Unable to turn cooling device [c17dddec] 'on'

I'm not sure what c17ddec is, but it seems like something needs to get cooled, and is not. Are you sure that this isn't an overheating problem?
That's been there since before I started using the NVidia drivers, so I'm pretty sure it's not the problem. My computer's fan is running fine and the system is not overheating. I can't figure out what's causing that error, though. It's flooding my dmesg logs.

Originally Posted by netllama
Also, what kind of motherboard are you using, and which BIOS version?
I'm not sure off hand, but the HP site says that my PC (Pavilion a600n) has this motherboard:

Mb manufacturer name: ASUS A7V8X-LA
HP/Compaq name: Kelut-GL6E

BIOS version of 3.15
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