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Default Re: NVidia drivers crash system. Hard.

Originally Posted by netllama
While those errors may have been there before you were using the nvidia driver, its possible that the system just didn't overheat sufficiently to crash until the GPU was generating additional heat from its usage.

Can you setup a serial console to capture any kernel messages associated with this crash?
I'll try it, but I don't see how the NVidia drivers would cause this but not the open source drivers. I also dual boot this computer into Windows XP, and it has never had a problem with it.

I can't do it right away, but I'll respond as soon as I do.

EDIT: I didn't try it, but I think you're right about the temperature issues. When running one of the aforementioned programs, I noticed the temperature jumped from its normal 40-45 C to 55 C. I guess now I have to find out what the device the errors complain about it and, if it is a thermal device, why it isn't turning on.
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