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Default Re: Good MMORPG to start for n00bs ?

Originally Posted by SH64
1) If someone's about to start playing a MMORPG for the first time , what game do you suggest to start with ?

2) Also i'd like some bits of info on MMORPG's in general .. like what are they all about (lets take WOW for an exmaple) ??

3) Whats the minimum connection reuqired for MMO's to get comfortable gameplay ???
1) Hopefully you have broadband.. If so I'd get trial keys of WoW and EQ2 and give them both a try first. Walmart even carries $14.99 trial copies of WoW (a disk with a trial key).

2) Any MMORPG is about what you make it about. Maybe in WoW you like running instances with guildmates only and don't PVP, or maybe you only like to PVP. Maybe in EQ2 you like to spend a lot of time decorating your house or working on very lengthy and rewarding Heritage quests.

3) There are people that play even EQ2 "ok" with a normal dialup connection. I doubt I could stand that. MMO's use barely any bandwith at all. I can download movies while playing and only leave about 5% of my 600KB/s DSL pipe open.

WoW probably has something like 8 Million players while most other games like EQ2 probably have about 225,000 to 500,000 players. Real subscription numbers by any company are closely guarded secrets (except for WoW that likes to brag about it).

-Lots of ANNOYING 13 year olds (or younger)
-Hardly any debth or lore or anything to do a max level aside from PVP or raid for gear - or faction grind
-NASTY ugly playstation 2 looking crap graphics. I can not stand to look at WoW. It would be an insult to my computer to play it.
-Great and fast PVP
-Great 3rd party addon support (which is a big disadvantage in PVP unless you have all the best and most up to date ones and spend all day customizing them and learning how to use them)
-Did I mention thousands and thousands of annoying 13 year olds?

EQ2 (and to a big degree Vanguard which is very similar):
-Less players
-More classes to play, More races to play
-More mature players
-Very high graphics requirments (which to play on average now would need an 'average' computer)
-Not as fast of combat as WoW
-PVP sucks compared to WoW
-Tradeskills are about 10 times better than WoW (to hard on release - good now)
-About as easy to level in as WoW now
-Alternative Advancement that allows you to customise any class the way you want and gives you something extra to do at max level if you didn't max your AA experience/levels.
-HOMES! In EQ2 (unlike wow) you have instances houses - with guild levels and personal status you can rent bigger homes. You can fill those homes with hundreds of different pieces of furniture as well as special items you get from completing special quests (etc).
-Guild banks (not in WoW)
-Guild's have a "guild level" just like a player level, members can do special quests and some other things to give their guild experience. A higher level guild will allow it's members to buy some really nice things like faster mounts or bigger houses
-Many other fine details about guilds that WoW does not have
-Probably ten times the land mass of WoW
-AMAZING amount of things to do at max level (PVP, Raid, Legend and Lore quests, Heritage quests, Signature quests, language quests, home decorating, faction griding, guild writs).

Basically WoW is a fast kiddie game with no debth but good PVP. If you don't mind 12 year olds, don't want to think much and like to fight other people. WoW is the game for you. If you want debth and a better communtity with 10x as many things to do EQ2 or Vanguard.

The last Exapnsion for EQ2 - EOF (Echos of Faydar) doubled the size of the game. If you buy it ($39.99) it comes with two DVD's that include the full game and the other two full expansions - all in one for a good price.
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