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Default Re: few questions about vanguard

Originally Posted by Xion X2
1)--It's been a bit tough for this first-timer, but I now have a firm grip on the gameplay and love it.

2)--You can level up at a decent pace, and sometimes they will have double XP weekends like this one.


4)--It's been worth it for me. Vanguard is an outstanding game, although it's not without its faults. The game has been filled with bugs since launch, and many of them still persist today. The positives are that the team has been working constantly to fix these and has been releasing 1-2 patches per week that usually end up substantial improvements to the game.

The best thing about it: The gameplay. It's extremely deep with many different paths to choose. Classes, Races, Questing, crafting, diplomacy, harvesting--they all play big factors in what kind of character you'll turn out to be. And the world of Vanguard is absolutely huge.. bigger than many will get to explore in a lifetime. It makes Oblivion look microscopic by comparison.

The worst thing about it: Optimization. The game runs horrible. It takes an 8800GTX SLI system to run it at a consistent 45+fps with maximum graphics settings which will achieve a perfectly smooth framerate. However, some locations run much better than others and will stay pegged at 60+fps. There is also a lot of hitching in the game due to it accessing your hard drive a lot. it also crashes to the desktop quite often. There have been some slight improvements to game performance in regards to all of the above with the daily patches, and hopefully these will continue.

On the whole, however, I think Vanguard is an outstanding game. If reviews mean anything to you, Gamespot gave it a 9.4/10.

OK since I tried it for the first time tonight...

Races/Classes: The same amount of choices as EQ2.
Graphics: Better and worse. Textures drawing (putting themselves togather in sight) was freaky annoying.

Tradeskilling: Nothing new on EQ2 really

Diplomacy: Something new...

Questing: Same old thing

Land Mass: EQ2 is pretty massive. Double massive with the EoF release. WoW has a pretty good landmass size.

Eh so far I still like EQ2 much better overall. I'm just not impressed. I don't see a big reason to really move full time from EQ2 to Vanguard.

P.S. WoW looks like a PS2 game on a 320x320 TV. I'm still amazed people play it.
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