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Default Re: RHEL5 Beta 2 (xen kernel) - NForce 680i mb - 8800GTS

Not meant to be a gimme post Just looking for initial direction. I attempted this about a month ago and went back to Vista. With the new 9755 out I was going to attempt again. Last time I got as far as runlevel 3 and a kernel panic on compiling the drivers against the xen kernel (of course the xen kernel wasn't supported then) and I couldn't manage to get the non-xen kernel off the cd rpms at the time. Sort of a side question how far has people got with the new 9755 driver can you run KDE w/ compiz? Has anyone attempted the booting into the Xen kernel? BTW RHEL5 GA releases in 3 hours!! Thanks in advance guys for your input. Looking to spend the weekend messing with this to offer feedback on this setup.
NForce 680i SLI - Intel 6600 2x2.4GHz - 2GB DIMM
8800GTS - Vista & RHEL5 Beta 2
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