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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by UDawg
First things first, I don't mind people bashing WoW. I just like harmless bickering back and forth.

People don't play WoW because it is named warcraft. Sure that attracked people to it but its playability is what keeps people playing.

I have played both game and to say WoW is dumbed down is silly. In what way is it dumbed down? The stories are deeper, the quests more complex and the rewards for questing much better. The biggest difference between teh two is the crafting and grinding. Vanguard has fantastic crafting system. It blows WoW's away. I really had fun with that part of the game. The grinding is where I didn't have fun. I hate mindless grinding and slow leveling. If you like that then play Vanguard. I don't so I play WoW. At the same time WoW had 10 more levels to hit the cap than Vanguard so it kinda averaged out.

WRT to the graphics, WoW chose to have a more stylized graphical look to it. I don't see anythign wrong with that. Vanguard chose to have a more realistic look to it. I really liked Vanguards graphics but their constant problems with the graphics engine really negates the look of the game for me.
Give me a break, WOW has deep stories? Please name a few points to back up the facts you say about WOW. Now remember, I'm not comparing it Vanguard I think the plot in that game is lacking too. I just personally really want to know what is so unique and engrossing about WOWs quests? Go here, kill this mob and get reward. That was deep man. Sorry I played WOW for 2 years straight and I'm done with it, Blizzard is just a money grubbing wh*re!
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