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Default Re: odd bug when inserting nvidia module

Originally Posted by zander
Could you capture the output of `cat /proc/kallsyms` (before loading the module), as well as the exact Oops message (after loading the module)?
Well, as Xevious said the exact oops was in my report.

And I don't have a /proc/kallsyms file... That's odd. Could that be related to my system being 64 bit?

Originally Posted by energyman76b
does this bug happen with a vanilla kernel too?
I could embrace you! I tried it this morning with vanilla-sources-, and NO, the bug does not happen there! I sat there for full 45 minutes doing nothing but reboots, and there was no bug. Not a single oops in over 30 reboots. Using the same config.
I never would have guessed this was caused by the gentoo patchset... So I guess I'll report that bug now to the gentoo-sources maintainers and will use vanilla-sources for the next time.

Btw, are you the energyman from f.g.o?
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