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Default Re: hybrid players O.o

Originally Posted by thor1182
I think tax return might go to it, so I don't know if I care about the price so much. Even if it is not 100% HD-DVD, I still have my 360 for the off chance one doesn't work. I would rather be safe with the format wars than screwed with one format support.
It's not that the LG player has problems playing HD DVD's it's that it doesn't support the HDi interactive layer. So that means no pop-up menus to be displayed during video playback, no persistent user-defined bookmarks, no picture-in-picture/In-Movie Experience (for cast commentaries/interviews, behind the scenes footage, etc.), no calculators (example; body-count, car-insurance/damage, etc.) such as the one in TF&TF: Tokyo Drift.

Seriously though, you should do a little more research before you spend more than a grand on a crippled player.
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