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Default Re: New nHancer version 2.1.0 and website!

Unfortunately, version 2.2.0 contained a couple of bugs. Most of them only appeared on very few systems.

I've created an update which corrects all those bugs. It has the version number 2.2.1. You can download that update from the download page, as usual.

Thanks to all the people who reported those bugs and helped me narrowing down the problem!

Here's the list of changes:

Version 2.2.1
  • Bugfix: If the user selected another monitor as the primary display as detected by default, the nHancer support service denied access to the registry.
  • Bugfix: Due to a typo it could happen in some rare cases that the nHancer support service would deny to write the file nvapps.xml
  • Bugfix: On XP systems, the nHancer support service blocked system shutdown for about 20 seconds.
  • On some systems the nHancer support service wasn’t ready yet when the main program was trying to access it. Now nHancer will try to connect the service for 20 seconds before giving up.
  • Updated the polish translation, thanks to Tymoteusz Kuczyński
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