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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
Meh, you'd be surprised. Frankly I could care less what people say about vanguard.
I really don't care that much, either. It's just that when someone brings up a complaint about it lately, the reason they give for not liking it has nothing to do with what it actually offers. It's like they're searching for anything they can find not to like it because they're still hung up on Everquest or WoW.

It's "one-dimensional," for example. It's "generic" looking.

Look at that screenshot. There's nothing "generic" or fake looking about it. It looks like a real freaking forest. The grass looks real. The mountains look real. The trees look real. The water looks real. And the volumetric clouds, an effect that no other game to this point has used, look so freaking real that you can almost reach out and touch them. They have a 3-D mass to them as they move across the sky.

And the game has many different paths that you can take. Grinding, harvesting, crafting, diplomacy. And both harvesting and crafting have many sub-level occupations under those. Artificing, Blacksmithing, Outfitting, Reaping, Mining, Skinning, etc. Therefore, it's not one-dimensional. Far from it.

There are plenty of reasons not to like Vanguard. The game is buggy as hell. It lags--especially with multiple friendlies on screen. It chunks too much. It's not optimized that well. Those are just a few. I'm just amused by some of the reasons people actually come up with for not liking it, because they usually don't relate to the game at all.

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