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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by UDawg
Ya know Xi, you hav gotten me totaly wrong. I have followed Vanguard for the last two years. I was so excited about this game. Once I got into the BETA my excitement was killed. Then I said I will give the game a try after what Tyger said about it. I really wanted to like this game and in fact I do like the game even with its flaws. As I have said before I think the flaws will be worked out over time but they still frustrated me. That being said I decided to go back to WoW because I have time for only one MMO and Vanguard was just not enough to pull me away from WoW.
Hey, that's cool bro. I totally understand what it's like to get your hopes up for a game and then it not live up to expectations.

And yeah, two MMOs at once is overwhelming. If you like WoW better, then good for you. I may give it a try later on now that I'm completely hooked on MMOs. I'm sure that even with its dated graphics I would still like it. When I picked it up before, I didn't really get the whole MMO thing. Vanguard has changed that for good.

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