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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Don't flatter yourself. I was looking for some more up-to-date screens of WoW (remember my request for that a few posts up?) and figured there would be a few on the Warcraft thread here. In the process, I ran across some pretty hilarious quotes of yours--a completely different opinion of WoW that you were putting on display.

Oh, I think it's valid anyway. Because a lot of the same things you've criticized Vanguard for in comparison to WoW you also criticized WoW for on that thread I quoted you on.

I agree.

Legitimate complaint. It is slightly annoying to me as well.

See? I have absolutely, 100% no problem with you criticizing Vanguard! That has nothing to do with it.

Well, I will extend you that courtesy if you also extend it to me. You called me a fanboy previously when I have posted several complaints about Vanguard myself on these forums. I've never gotten why you thought that about me after some of the comments that I've made about the game.

And you were doing so well. No, no, no, NO, NO!

I don't get upset when you criticize Vanguard. Stop perpetuating this silly little myth of yours. I only get upset when people try to back up their criticism with bull*(#@ complaints that make no sense. Like you saying the game is "one-dimensional," for example. WTF? Grinding, crafting, harvesting, diplomacy, questing--how does that make it one-dimensional.

Say it's boring. Say it lags. Say there's too much grinding. Say the graphics aren't fantasy-style enough for you. Whatever. But don't espouse bull(#*@ reasons for backing up your criticism of it. It just makes it look like you're searching for things instead of being truthful.

Not at all. I've seen them, but they were never really a part of the discussion, so I didn't feel the need to comment on them.

What is a "drudge?" I think you meant "grudge," which I'm not. I "let it go" a long time ago.. right up to the point I saw you spouting inaccuracies again. The only reason I replied is because your comments were in direct contradiction to the facts. That's all. It had nothing to do with me having my widdle feewings hurt, so stop trying to perpetuate that myth, please.
don't hate me bacause I have typ-o-itis.

What have I contradicted? LOL Every thing I stated is a fact that has been backed up by all who have played Vanguard.

I have never said WoW was a perfect game or the greatest game. That is why your point isn't valid. I actually gave up WoW 4 times for three months at at time because the game was ****ty. I look at vanguard and it has the same problem but in this case I am not willing to work through them like I did with WoW. Besides PVP in Halaa is friking awesome. The expansion Burning Crusade is worth full price alone. It is a fantastic addition to this game. It is something Vanguard will never be.
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