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Default Re: Double Experience Weekend on Vanguard... Again

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Sometimes this is annoying, but sometimes it's a plus--like if your group isn't quite strong enough. You can then team up with the group in front of you to complete the quest.
That's what instances are designed to prevent. They force you to utilize your class's skills to the fullest extent and coordinate with your group members to succeed and are balanced around their intended group size. While many of the 5-man instances before TBC were fairly do-able with a couple poor players, the instances at level 70 force the group to work together and each player makes a big difference. The endgame instances have an unofficial chain of difficulty, as well as "heroic mode" versions which introduce much stronger enemies and leave little room for mistakes, but reward the party with better loot and various other benefits. Then endgame raiding comes into play. The first instance would be Karazhan, Medivh's tower. It's a very large dungeon that requires a group of 10 players to defeat quite a few bosses (I believe there are over 11) as well as quite a large amount of "trash" mobs.

Instances reset either once you manually reset them (for normal 5-mans) or on a timer (for raids). Most raids reset weekly, that is, all the bosses and trash mobs return to be killed again. Most guilds schedule their raids around this timer (Tuesdays, usually). Raid "progression" means the amount of bosses your guild is capable of killing. Raiding provides players with the best possible loot in the game at the highest difficulty. When people call WoW "easy" they may be correct in referring to the leveling process (on a non-PvP server anyway) but as far as endgame raiding in the expansion is concerned, I'd be interested to see what could be more difficult. Communication and coordination issues aside, many of the fights are very difficult to learn and master. The penalty for death in WoW becomes very noticable when you die over and over again all night long and have to pay significant sums of cash to repair your gear.

The Burning Crusade raiding endgame is tremendous in scope, containing a 10-man and 4 25-man instances (at release, several more are planned) all of which require guilds to complete Heroic Difficulty 5-man instances as well as requisite 10 and 25 man raid instances.

And characters can choose to skip raiding and still experience a rich endgame with the Battlegrounds and Arena instances. These instances are for team-based PvP with different objectives depending on the instance. Killing enemies or winning arena matches nets you points to spend on new powerful gear, which is designed to make you more competitive and powerful in PvP. Raiding gear does not necessarily help you in PvP, and vice versa.
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