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Default spontaneous large fonts with nvidia 1.0-9755 on GeForce Go 7400

[fwiw, I'm a linux n00b]

I installed the nvidia 1.0-9755 driver on my ubuntu 6.10 system, in the search for dual head (aka dual monitors/second monitor/external monitor) functionality. But in the process, once X was restarted and all, and across all reboots save one, my desktop has come up featuring horribly (for me) large fonts, eg 18pt in appearance, even tho "Kde system settings -> appearance -> fonts" reports that I have all fonts set to 7pt.

I futzed around with "NVIDIA X Server Settings", ensuring that the monitor was properly set to 1920x1200 etc. and rebooted or restarted X several times. Once, it returned to normal-appearing font sizes, eg 7pt looked like 7pt, and my window sizes weren't messed up and all, as it is with the spontaneous large fonts.

I ran, and nvidia-bug-report.log is attached. Any thoughs on how to resolve this are appreciated. I searched through the forums here, but didn't manage to turn up this particular problem.

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